Caitlin Van Ermen

2nd Hour, A.P. Lit
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One of the most admirable attributes of Zadie Smith's writing is her diverse characters and cutural settings. Readers can thank her multifarious knowledge that creates the exotic writing that she is known for. An obvious characteristic that defines Zadie Smith is her individualism. Not only has she experienced a significant amount of ethnic experiences, but she has embraced a defining lifestyle for herself. While in her teen years, Zadie's name was changed from Sadie because of it's simplicity. She has started expressing her artisitc self at an early age, and her mismatched outfits reflexed that. Now, her name is not only recogonized for its originality but for her contribution to literature as well. This thrity seven year old author has wrote many short stories and three novels, gaining lots of attention with her award winning writing. The novel White Teeth was said to be "her claim to fame" according to authortrek. Soon after, Ms. Smith has been awarded the only Britian to be included in Times Magazine's 100 most powerful and influential people in 2006.

external image 8e1bf81d13e3aac61bdbcf89b548b764ecac83a2_m.jpg A Zadie Smith speech, and clip of her reading from her novel, The Autograph Man.

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