Jeffrey Eugenides
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His books Middlesex , The Virgin Suicides and The Marriage Plot.
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The Virgin Suicides was made into a movie in 1999.
Virgin Suicides Film

An interview with Jeffrey Eugenides about the Pulitzer Prize.
Pulitzer Prize

Biography of Jeffrey Eugenides:
Jeffrey Eugenides is a fellow native of Detroit, MI, born in 1960. Eugenides graduated magna cum laude from Brown University.

Reaction- Ellie Toth
I decided to read “The Marriage Plot” because the title intrigued me. Jeffrey Eugenides describes the traditional marriage plot as “a young woman confronting her destiny…always a man, the person she will marry.”
Review of The Virgin Suicides - Ellie Toth
In a book review by The New York Times, Jeffrey Eugenides’ first novel, The Virgin Suicides, receives praise. Michiko Kakutani, the writer of this review, describes the first suicide of Cecilia Lisbon as a “startling and horrible event.”
Critical Essay: The Marriage Plot -Ellie Toth
Jeffrey Eugenides has written novels that are considered creepy and disturbing: so when he published The Marriage Plot, audiences and critics were all surprised. The Marriage Plot focuses on three young adults who have just graduated from Brown University.

Work Cited- Ellie Toth

Reactions- Lea Martin
I decided to read The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides because I have seen the movie before in my Social Psychology class, so I thought it be good to read the book and get the complete story....

Critical Essay: The Virgin Suicides
In the novel The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides was his first book to be published, the main story of the novel is based on the mysteries around the Lisbon girls. Especially about their incomprehensibility of handling grief after the youngest sister commits suicide.

Review of Middlesex
In the New York Times review of the novel Middlesex Michiko Kakutani writer for the NYT compares Jeffrey Eudenides first two books,....

Work Cited- Lea Martin

Interviews with Jeffrey Eugenides: